LMZ offers a diversity of tea products ideally suited to wide ranging customer tastes and lifestyles. Along with traditional teas, our selection includes a variety of exotic extracts sourced from the world’s most fertile regions, as well as nutritionally enhanced blends for the health oriented market. While each flavor is distinctly tantalizing, all share the signature quality that has earned LMZ universal recognition.

Spray Dried Soluble Tea

A ‘powdered’ form of soluble tea, spray dried tea is created in three manufacturing stages: extraction, concentration, and drying.

Spray drying is the most cost effective way to create soluble tea. During this process, a blend of concentrated aroma and hydrolysed fractions is fed to a spray dryer. Aroma is preserved by drying the extract in a low temperature environment. To control bulk density and color, inert gas is fed into the spray drying system.


LMZ complements its classic black and green teas with a selection of intriguing extracts such as white tea, rooibos, and trend maté. No matter how exotic, we can custom source the flavor you desire. Extracts may be a liquid concentrate or a dry powder.

Applying a well-defined process to each raw material, LMZ isolates the essential flavor of every extract. Our state-of-the-art technologies gently separate key components from tea leaves, ensuring a robust, brewed-at-home flavor for every tea product.

Along with extraordinary flavor, a truly gratifying tea has substantial visual appeal. To make the grade, teas should have an unclouded, crystal clear sparkle. Whether cold and hot mix soluble teas or ready to drink tea products, LMZ brings this aesthetic excellence to every blend.

The Extraction Process

The process begins by cleansing broken tea leaves. We then add hot water to the leaves and feed them to the first extraction stage. Each extraction is followed by a series of clarifying stages, ensuring all leaves are perfectly dewatered, and all residues completely removed.

Nutritionally Enhanced / Infused Teas

Recognized for its nutritional value, tea has a definite place in the soaring global market for healthful foods and beverages. Meeting this demand, LMZ offers a selection of custom nutritionally enhanced / infused teas crafted with natural ingredients sourced from around the world.

Backed by Research

According to studies, infused ingredients such as these can provide a major boost to the immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems, as well as to overall well-being.
LMZ can create a full-flavored, healthful blend with custom ingredients you select. Or we can collaborate to discover the ideal customer blend.

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