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LMZ Soluble Coffee, Inc.
The Leading Soluble Coffee Supplier

LMZ is the only coffee supplier in North America dedicated exclusively to the soluble category. With over 50 years in the instant coffee business, from our origins as a producer through today, we have a well earned reputation for expertise, reliability and performance.

LMZ Brazilian coffee beans
Through LMZ you have access to a world of instant coffees. We source our coffees from well established producers from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India and the emerging Far East. LMZ's network of producers utilize the most advanced production technology to create the finest quality soluble coffee products, meeting both the needs for traditional products like spray dried, freeze dried, agglomerated, decaffeinated, and flavored — to creating new products for the single serve and retail markets.

LMZ soluble processing equipment
LMZ's Quality Control department ensures clients receive the precise formulations and specifications their coffee business demands, while adapting to an increasingly strict regulatory environment.

LMZ's Logistics Department manages seamless deliveries to meet client's needs, coordinates coffee production, and monitors shipments for complete security from the manufacturing plant to the final destination.

LMZ soluble coffee reasearch and development
LMZ's R&D and Marketing teams offer clients the most effective and efficient means of presenting product, from bulk to packed product, in abundant formats and configurations.

Food Safety
is the primary concern throughout our coordination of the supply chain, to ensure the quality and standards of the end product to the consumer. LMZ is compliant with all U.S. Customs and FDA requirements and regulations.

We invite you to look through our site and discover why many of the largest food companies, consumer coffee chains, manufacturers and distributors rely on LMZ. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to serving your soluble coffee needs.