With global experience…

LMZ is a long-standing provider of coffee products and solutions to a wide range of countries and markets. Our capabilities stem from the wealth of product and process knowledge, experience and dedication that have been our hallmarks for over 60 years.

Extensive coverage is more than geography at LMZ

We offer solutions for every need and situation – sourcing, supply chain, logistics, product concept and development, and, delivery — all readily available from LMZ. Whatever your need or objective, LMZ delivers the ideal soluble coffee solution with flawless execution.

Logistics Management

  • Production and transportation management from point of origin
  • Product security from manufacturer to delivery
  • Competitive rates for all modes of transportation
  • Compliance with all destination import and regulatory requirements
  • Inventory maintenance and management for warehoused products
  • Order tracking/EDI
  • Expediting ‘rush’ orders
  • Historical analysis and forecasting capabilities

Product Research and Development

A value-added trademark of LMZ, our product research and development services can help your company introduce innovation and profitable new coffee products into the marketplace. Supported by world class global resources, these services range from developing and implementing product enhancements to creating extremely new product concepts.

Full Customization

Perhaps you’d like to treat the health-conscious world to a new, enhanced coffee. Consider it done. Simply tell us what you want. Our R&D resources can custom-create virtually any formulation that comes to mind.


From soil to climate, a producer’s unique raw materials and technological advancements determine what type of coffee it can produce. LMZ has the expertise and experience to leverage an area’s ‘coffee character’ and convert this understanding into product strategy.

LMZ enjoys long-standing relationships with numerous global coffee suppliers. These relationships help us to identify optimum supply sources and the manufacturing methods best suited to each region’s unique characteristics.


We cover the spectrum, from bulk to packed products – in every format and configuration. Single-serve stick packs and sachets of all sizes. Doy packs, re-sealable pouches, glass and plastic jar as well as innovative formats can be offered.

Global Partnerships
Take Root

LMZ’s capabilities have grown and developed through decades of strategic collaborations with leading soluble coffee producers in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

Traditional Products…Untraditionally Exciting

  • Regular and decaffeinated freeze dried and spray dried
  • Agglomerated
  • Hot and cold brew extracts
  • Coffee oils

Specialized Products

  • Certified
  • Rainforest and organics
  • Customized new products