Over the last 60 years, LMZ has provided the world’s premier brands with a diversity of premium and custom soluble coffee products. No other company brings to the marketplace such an extensive global reach, incomparable product expertise, and impeccable logistical and product development support.You can rely on LMZ as a single source capable of providing product development, testing and sourcing from concept through delivery of final products.

Mission & Vision

LMZ is a well-respected and well- known supplier of soluble coffee products to major global markets. Bolstered by decades of industry experience, we stand ready to provide clients with a full range of soluble coffee solutions. Always looking forward, LMZ will maintain its pursuit of innovation to support the ever-evolving needs of the marketplace.



1954 LMZ’s predecessor, Coffee Instants, Inc. of New York, develops bold new technologies that ultimately revolutionized the soluble coffee industry.

Manufacturing DNA

1954 – 1969 Led by principal Leonard Zuckerman, Coffee Instants grows into the largest private label manufacturer of soluble coffee in North America.
1969 A major North American coffee brand purchases Coffee Instants.

Expanding into South America

1968-1972 Drawing on expertise developed over decades, the company becomes a major force in the development of the Brazilian soluble coffee industry. Under Leonard Zuckerman’s guidance, a number of soluble coffee plants were constructed or advanced. Similarly, he leant his manufacturing and process expertise to the development of similar projects in other countries, including Colombia.

A New Growth Phase

1970 The firm shifts its focus to the importation, trade, and supply of soluble coffee products such as freeze-dried, spray-dried, and decaffeinated.
1973 The company has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of soluble coffee in North America, whose list of clients includes many major multi-national coffee brands.

Achieving a Global Reach

1988 The coffee mix and pure coffee industries are well into a phase of remarkable growth. The company’s own expansion takes it to the newly-developing markets of Southeast Asia.
1988 – 2011 The company evolves to become one the leading suppliers of soluble coffee products on several continents.

The Next Evolution

2011 – Today Entering its next evolutionary stage, the company changes its name to LMZ Soluble Coffee, Inc. The update reflects LMZ’s steady growth as a premier provider of instant coffees and extracts. LMZ offers superior service and expertise in the areas of sourcing, supply chain, logistics and custom-developed products tailored to our client’s needs.